Preplanning Destiny: Eondwyr for Malletkat and Ableton Live

Ableton Live

Ableton Live (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Destiny: Eondwyr will be written for Malletkat and Ableton Live. The performer will performer live on the Malletkat, using an extension to trigger graphic novel panels corresponding to the music using Ableton Live. While the full work will involve several movements, each corresponding to a fantasy “quest” for the characters, the performer can choose the order of performance and panels, how many quests to perform, and how the work ends.


At this stage I am planning out the melodies and have created a giant flow chart for the piece. The flow chart signifies choices the performer may choose that will determine the end performance. The five sections so far are:

Introduction: Quick Narration and Choosing of Avatar and Door

Movement 1: Player chooses to complete the Water Quest (Prize: Melody)

Movement 2: Player choose to complete Earth Quest (Prize: Rhythm of Life)

Movement 3: Player choose to complete Celestial Quest (Prize: Celestial Harmony)

Finale: Defeat of the Big Boss

Each movement has at least one alternate choice that further changes the musical outcome. As of now I have determined that I will need to create five separate pieces, but these pieces will be further broken down

metatone transfer promo1

metatone transfer promo1 (Photo credit: cpmpercussion)

into 50 or so tracks that the performer chooses. Even the combining of tracks will be determined by the performer. There are approximately 60 comic book panels that need to be created, as well, for the work.

After initial planning, the next step is taking the main themes and composing an idiomatic work for the Malletkat. Kurt Gartner and I will look over the compositional ideas and work together to find the best ways to implement these ideas with the Malletkat. With summer coming up, I look forward to really diving into the production stage of this piece.

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