Sabrina Pena Young

Composer Sabrina Peña Young


Fantasy meets interactive music in this exciting new electroacoustic work by award-winning composer Sabrina Pena Young, director and composer of the “groundbreaking” and “epic” work Libertaria: The Virtual Opera.

Commissioned by Percussionist and Associate Director of the School of Music Kurt Gartner at Kansas State University.

Percussionist Kurt Gartner


Destiny: Eondwyr is an unusual work commissioned for Malletkat and Multimedia. Using video gameplay, the performer will choose which portions of the piece to perform based on musical “quests”. Each quest corresponds to a specific element of music: melody, rhythm, or harmony. In the end, the performer’s avatar of choice will “fight” the end Boss using a combination of the different elements. Because there are many possibilities the end work will always be slightly different than another performances, even if by the same musician.

The end work will involve over 50 original comic book panels to be triggered by the performer live as he or she performs the work in Ableton Live using a Malletkat. After creating the world’s first comic book opera, Sabrina Young is excited to embark on another sci-fi/fantasy journey that explores music technology in an exciting and new way.

Kansas State Percussion

Kurt Gartner

About Kurt Gartner

Kurt Gartner serves as Associate Director of the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance and Professor of Percussion at Kansas State University. Gartner teaches applied percussion and percussion methods. He directs the Percussion Ensemble, Keyboard Percussion Quartets, and the Latin Jazz Ensemble. Find out more at KurtGartner.com



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