Improvising on a few themes for the final movement of Destiny: Eondwyr for malletkat and multimedia machinima. Starts with a very basic theme that is a variation on the motif used in the rest of the work. Then I extend the idea into several distinct sections. During this work, the main character enters the underground and must defeat MORLOKE, the evil underworld overlord while saving the Child of Light. Each section is optional in performance, and there is a lot of tweaking to be done. This is just one version that I have played with.



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Destiny: Eondwyr RUFF INTRO by sabrinapenayoung.

via Destiny: Eondwyr RUFF INTRO by sabrinapenayoung.


Ruff Intro section from new piece Destiny: Eondwyr for Malletkat and Comic Book Panels (yeah, for real!). Music and Fantasy Collide in a New Multimedia Work by Award-Winning Composer Sabrina Pena Young. Commissioned by Percussionist Kurt Gartner from Kansas State

Destiny: Eondwyr is an unusual work commissioned for Malletkat and Multimedia. Using video gameplay, the performer will choose which portions of the piece to perform based on musical “quests”. Each quest corresponds to a specific element of music: melody, rhythm, or harmony. In the end, the performer’s avatar of choice will “fight” the end Boss using a combination of the different elements. Because there are many possibilities the end work will always be slightly different than another performances, even if by the same musician.

The end work will involve over 50 original comic book panels to be triggered by the performer live as he or she performs the work in Ableton Live using a Malletkat. After creating the world’s first comic book opera, Sabrina Young is excited to embark on another sci-fi/fantasy journey that explores music technology in an exciting and new way.

Contemporary Classical Composer Sabrina Pena Young Official Music Site: Composer 101: The Secret Behind the Music in 5 Stages


Contemporary Classical Composer Sabrina Pena Young Official Music Site: Composer 101: The Secret Behind the Music in 5 Stages.

Some folks use piano, paper, and pencil (still my first choice), but other composers will composer directly into music software like Logic or Finale, or even work out a piece with a performer, especially for a commission. This process usually ends with a finished score ready for the performer. Some composers are lucky enough to have an assistant who will orchestrate a work or input music notation for hours on end. Most do all the work themselves. For my current piece, Destiny: Eondwyr, I spent a couple of hours yesterday slowly improvising to a click into Logic using my Malletkat just to save time inputting literally hundreds of notes.

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